Monday, July 02, 2007

it's monday. while the rest of the working population have found their way to work, i'm still here, at my aunt's house, slumming.

justice - the concept, not the person - can wait. when you're in a mood as foul as i am in (no, i'm not pmsing), sometimes it's better to just stay out of the office for a while and wait until things have settled down inside you. otherwise, you'd end up forgetting concepts such as substantial justice and just dismiss petitions left and right for failing to comply with a teeny-tiny procedural requirement, say forgetting to note why personal service wasn't resorted to.

considering i had a lovely weekend, i'm not supposed to feel this way at all. i mean, i went to island cove with my ag, i met up with vanessa, carmi, shereen (tama ba spelling?) and direc cathy to give insights about break-ups (now we all know i have had a lot of those!) for a bea movie (i am a huge fan), and now i'm at my favorite aunt's house. it was fun, it was crazy. tiring, very, but fulfilling. sure beat my earlier plan of just sulking at home and watching sex and the city dvds, right?

but now, i simply don't have it in me to go to work. were it not for the fact that i'm meeting up a friend at UP manila later, i'd probably feign some illness (say, PMS?) and spend the day at home. after two years, i'm back to my old self - struggling to find the energy and drive to work.

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