Saturday, July 07, 2007

i need ...

... cheap tickets to tacloban. i found out last week that someone backed out of lingkod's nltc this year at my branch so i get to go. the sad thing is that the cheap fares ended last week. of course, i can go buy fares at the regular rates but then that would go against everything i believe in. rosa, buy something at list price???? no. no. no.

i want ...

... a pussy cat dolls cd. i've been wanting it since last week. i blame the reality tv show and that choreographer there who made dancing "hot stuff" so fun looking. i've gone to a record shop but i couldn't get myself to pay P325 for four songs (i only know/like four songs from the album). maybe a pirated one?

i bought ...

... three new pairs of shoes. well, three pairs of shoes and a bright yellow pair of fake havaianas. i blame the rain of course. last thursday i didn't bring a car to work cause i wanted to save money to buy this lacoste bag i saw last week. bad idea. i got caught in the rain and had to wade in ankle deep running water - in heels. since i had to meet friends for dinner, i bought fake havaianas so i didn't have to walk around the mall in soaking wet heels.

good if i ended there, right?

well, celine had a sale so i bought another pair. and the shoes i've always wanted at nine west were being sold at P595 so i had to buy those too right?

and while i was wearing one of my new pairs yesterday, i saw red patent leather ballet flats on sale (yes - as i said, i don't buy anything retail), and true to form, i whipped out my wallet and bought the pair.

so i can't buy the tickets i need and the cd i want but i can always shell out money for shoes. frankly, that's a bit sick already.

well, not that sick. i still am talking about me, after all.

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