Wednesday, May 30, 2007

my dad's left for the US, and i'm home alone again (my brother works evenings). when i got home earlier, i resisted the urge to call out "i'm home" which, considering the house was quite dark, would've been utterly stupid.

so i'm back online, talking to my (mostly) unknown audience, daring to once more voice out thoughts and ideas which, had my dad been here, would've immediately been challenged. since he's somewhere between manila and chicago right now, i am confident that i wouldn't be challenged until he gets home, goes online, and reads this. yay, for now. but then again, i must admit i miss having him to contend with.

life's been great - i was able to spend quality time with my dad, got to vote, spent time with family, and made a new friend. i also met with irma today for my sol discernment and we're all set to give it a go. that would mean no dating (no cheating allowed!) for at least three months but considering that i've survived more than two years of a boyfriend-less existence, a couple more months spent discovering whether i am meant for marriage or a single life, and if for marriage, discovering what i actually want in a life partner, shouldn't really be that hard. of course it meant letting go of a possible relationship that has actually put a smile on my face recently but that versus the possibility of having a much better relationship with him in the future after we're both done with our SOLs made the choice easy. (ok, fine, not that easy. i miss him and his company so i've saved the last couple of messages he's sent me and read them when i begin missing him all over again.)

anyway, i've made a couple of resolutions for the rest of the year, which of course includes the ubiquitous "lose weight". this time, though, i plan to follow through all of my resolutions, especially in light of the fact that the "lose weight" promise was done in exchange for someone doing his SOL.

i'm rambling, making references to a him, who, if i remember correctly, has yet to make an "appearance" in this blog.

if he were to have his way, he never will.

and since we've basically said our goodbyes to each other, albeit hopefully temporarily, it's going to stay that way for the meantime. (although i love immensely like him already).

this will be all for now. hopefully when i've stopped missing him immensely, when i've gotten over being used to having my dad around all the time, and when i've settled into the groove of my normal life again - alone at home, reading till i fall asleep, and spending time with scores of women friends - i'll be blogging normally. for now, this will have to do.

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