Sunday, May 13, 2007

while i've always been admittedly a papa's girl, i must say that my mom and i have shared pretty special moments:
1) my mom driving me off to UP every weekend with a pit stop at a mall somewhere between my house and diliman.
2) buying our first pair of matching shoes. we don't share the same shoe size (saddest thing in the world) so we can't share shoes but it was a milestone when my shoe size was finally adult size and we can wear similar shoes.
3) us eating at bun on the run at katipunan. we only chose that place cause we thought no one would see us there. for some strange reason, every single person i knew in UP felt like eating there.
4) no classes on wednesdays and me hogging the payphone at ilang for hours. during the week, i'd save up all my coins in a fishbowl and on wednesdays i'd wake up early and call my mom and we'd chat about stuff that's happened to me in the dorm.
5) going to our first expensive parlor trip ever and having a blast changing our respective hairstyles.
there are a million and one other memories - some good, some bad. while my dad holds a dear place in my heart, i must say that no one else can take the place of a mom in a daughter's heart, especially if that mom is like my mom.
years ago, on one of their anniversaries, my dad asked me mom to read proverbs 31:10-31 and honored her by saying she's exactly like the woman there. i've read it more than a couple of times since then and when i meditate upon that verse, i can't help but thank the lord that he has given me my mom to be my mom. were it not for her, i am sure that i wouldn't be the person i am right now.
happy mother's day, mama.
and to the other mothers out there - happy mother's day to you too!
hopefully, when we singletons finally join your ranks, we'd be worthy enough of the label "mother".

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