Saturday, May 12, 2007

dad's home!

i actually want to say "papa" cause that's what i call him except that every other person i've texted "papa's home and i'm happy" misunderstood and replied, "may boyfriend ka na?" clearly, the term papa doesn't apply to fathers anymore but to hot young things.

my dad didn't bring home a lot but he brought stuff that i truly love, hence the permanent smile on my very materialistic self's face: a coach bag with a matching wallet, numerous 3M post-its in a variety of shapes which aren't yet available her, highlighters with post-it flags tucked in their middles, and this giant bag of gummi bears. i am happy, but more than the presents, i am happy that he's back home. i haven't seen him in six or so years. he's still the same dad who left, except now, he has light brown hair. probably has something to do with the fact that he's american now.

my brother and i are busy trying to come up with things to do with our dad but his only request is that we bring him to (1) chowking and (2) padi's point. clearly, my dad's pretty low-maintenance. for their bonding date, my dad and brother will be watching the nba play-offs at national sports grill. me, i plan to bring my dad to mall of asia. i wouldn't be me if i didn't, right?

he'll be here until the 30th. considering that he has very few things on his lift and kit and i don't exactly know where else to bring him (my boss suggested tagaytay and my brother and i are thinking of baywalk) except to dampa where he can have his fill of liempo and other "heart attack goodies". maybe you've got suggestions?

incidentally, and totally off-topic, i have concocted this fantasy where the boy will ask me to be his girlfriend and i will say, "can i give you my answer tomorrow?" and then on the day itself, i'll hand him a cd with the song "ikaw".

cheesy but i must admit, after one year and counting worth of prayers, five dates that ended for what i now know to be a valid reason, and a very active fantasy life which involves me being appointed to the judiciary prompting me to finally take his last name (i refuse to change my name even after marriage), there's no other person who'd deserve this song as much as him.

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