Sunday, June 03, 2007

when your knees experience major pain during an hour long activity with the blessed sacrament, you know it's high time that you lose weight.

a lot of weight.

thank goodness that after five months, i found myself bright and early saturday morning at a boxing session and it wasn't long before i was sweating like crazy. after an hour, only one thought kept me going - papayat ka. papayat ka. papayat ka.

anyway, i spent the rest of the day helping a friend write an appeal memorandum for his case and after two years of writing decisions, i felt quite exhilirated writing for one party only. i had the chance to use scathing words (apparently this is what pro-employer lawyers use) and was hard pressed to write something that would totally tilt the scales in favor of the employer. it felt funny, but for the first time, it made me feel like a real lawyer.

next week it'll be father's day and i can't help but wish my dad were here.

and, oh, it was spike's 4th birthday last thursday. happy happy birthday, spikee!

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