Sunday, April 29, 2007

for someone who has never hosted a real party in her entire life, i think i did well.

but then again, "doing well" for me may simply mean people showing up. and, thank god, people loved me enough to actually show up at my party.

mwah, mwah, mwah. thank you all for being there. out of the 50 who were there, i think only one or two actually read this blog, but i'm thanking them here nonetheless. you never know if they might actually stumble here to check themselves out.

and, incidentally, see that huge smile on my face? well, i stumbled - uhm, actually gay stumbled - upon a certain piece of information that's solved a lot of issues that has been bugging me for the last couple of months. i know that i can't really pin all my hopes upon that info and i know that i have no right to expect anything from what i've learned but i'm happy.

happy, and totally taking back EVERYTHING i've said about a certain boy.

well, ilang tulog na lang and i'll be signing the roll of attorneys. i know i've been going on and on about that and forgive me if i've been boring you with it but it's the official act that will make me a lawyer and i can't wait until that happens. more than finding out i've passed the bar, more than taking the lawyer's oath, THIS is IT (at the risk of sounding like barbra), THIS is THE MOMENT (at the risk of sounding like christian bautista) that i've been looking forward to.

well, that and my dad's arrival.

dad's arrival which will also herald the arrival of a coach bag. yes, an authentic coach bag. my parents are being generous and have finally bought me a coach bag.

anyway, thank you all again. love you all!

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