Sunday, December 02, 2012

perks of the job!

no one really enjoys being thrown into christmas party committee duty. but since five of us entered the office all at the same time, the assumption was each one of us would have to take on the task of being the committee chair. should be easy peasy, except that (1) we're expected to come up with three parties (2) on a paltry budget, not to mention (3) make sure there's a carving station on the office party that (4) should be held at a hotel and that (5) all the rank and file and supervisory employees get christmas baskets.

this year it was my turn. and this year, the party was going to be held at the mandarin.

now, us girls, we take it upon ourselves to do an actual food tasting. not that we're matakaw (oh yes we are) but because we just want to make sure that "the flavor profile pleases everyone's palate". okay, that was something i just made up. and i really say it. so banquet officers everywhere must think i'm crazy.

but call me crazy if you will ... at least it got us a free buffet at paseo uno.

yep, free buffet. not food tasting, mind you. free eat-all-you-can buffet at paseo uno. for dinner. i am blessed i know. my waistline? not so much. 

apparently, it would be much cheaper for them to just allow us to stuff our faces silly at the paseo uno buffet instead of cooking tasting portions of the buffet we had ordered.  still, we really tried to do our job by asking the banquet officer assigned to us which of the food served was on our menu. i think she knew that the food tasting we were asking for was really just a nice way of saying "it would be nice to have a free hotel meal in exchange for all the stress of being the christmas party committee" but in fairness to her, i think she did a mighty job of not laughing out loud, seeing as we were all probably googly-eyed at the spread before us. 

so she just pooh-poohed away and we did some nodding, and thinking, and pretending to know what we were doing. after a while, she just said, "i'll leave you to enjoy your buffet."  magic words.

cause we really enjoyed.

i was sad (upset!) that i had to run off to alabang to fulfill my tuloy duties. but, all the rushing and fast eating notwithstanding, i did manage to still stuff myself silly.

any regrets? none, except that i wish i had more time to eat more food.

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