Friday, December 21, 2012

addicted to reese's

M, one of my good friends at work, put these ten nesting bowls on her Christmas wishlist.

before i was able to buy it, it went of sale. 50% off. yay! that meant i was able to get her another present from her list.

that also meant it was too good a deal to pass up so i had to get myself the bowls as well.

they were a pain to drag from greenbelt back to the office, but they were worth it.

so they sat and sat on my counter for a couple of weeks until i thought of making homemade peanut butter cups.

so i got myself the ingredients and got started on my reese's experiment.

first, i lined up my mini cupcake liners. i wish i had gotten prettier ones, but this was just an experiment. and notice - all my baking trays have rusted to oblivion (translation: i dunno where to find them) so i just had to make do with what i could find.

then i melted the chocolate (in the microwave - no double broiler and i wanted things quick!). since i was poor, and therefore cheap, i used goya. next time i'll spring for more expensive chocolate. 

however, i was trying to be more chef-like, hence i mixed a pack of regular milk chocolate and dark chocolate. i liked the resulting taste. 

and oooh, notice the bowl? love love love!

next up - the peanut butter mixture. now, this was where i went wrong: i think i put in way too much butter, hence the overly soft consistency. and maybe i should've put some graham crackers for a bit of texture (just like what the other recipes recommended).

and here's misstep #2 - i used this recipe and followed this assembly instructions. the result? too soft center that basically collapses when you bite into it.

the final product?

{sorry, instagram pic and not pic from garlic the camera)
nowhere near as pretty as the one from fifteen spatulas but, i'm cutting myself some slack. after all, this was my first try at making these things. 

since this is me cooking, expect to see peanut butter cups at least two times more in this blog (i have two other recipes i want to try out, including the one from fifteen spatulas whose presentation i copied, but failed to follow the recipe of.) hopefully, one day, i'll be able to come up with THE perfect recipe.

then you can expect to receive that for Christmas.

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