Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Post-Christmas Party

Very much inspired by the home of one of my co-workers, I did my best to "level-up" for a post-Christmas party done at my home.

I'd like to think I did well ☺

{drinks station. the drink jar and the wine glasses, as well as the wines were all christmas gifts!}

{a "welcome to my home" station with a few goodies and nibbles to tide everyone over while waiting ...
yes, my friends are notorious for being more than two hours late for dinners at my home}

{forever the cake stand from dapitan, my mom's we've-had'-it-since-forever arcopal bowl,
and ceramic serving dishes from a friend at work}

{pretty paper straws}
{two-gallon drink jar which i filled up with homemade iced tea}

{Christmas napkins ☺}

{signs on my "welcome to my home" station}
after parties like this, there's always way too many dishes to wash, things to put away, and table linen to wash. but i've got nothing to say except that it's always worth it ☺

2 said hello!:

Anonymous said...

i love that drink jar too and your ghost chair was the same piece used in Patty Laurel's beautiful wedding -prettiness! :)

roxy said...

thanks for your comment, January!

the drink jar was a happy, happy addition to my "party" collection of stuff. and the ghost chair i've loved since forever, and now they're in weddings!!!

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