Monday, December 31, 2012


Had the predictions been true and the world did end in 2012, I would've been okay.

It was a GREAT year for me.

{Part of Tuloy Thursday ... with kids!)

{Work Friends}

{Tuloy sa Don Bosco}

{Wonderful memories made}

{Tuloy Thursday ... we're growing -- in numbers, not in girth, haha!)

{becoming more domesticated}

{Becoming a regular employee and all the perks that went with it ... even if they got my nickname wrong!}

{more time to read, to relax, and to just be}

{getting back into the habit of cooking}

{hosting more parties at home}
So many blessings in those pictured, and so much more undocumented here, Diego being one of the most major ones. Ever since the holiday season started I'd reflect a bit before sleeping and would be struck at how many blessings have come in one day, and couldn't help but utter a short prayer of thanks for how He has made his presences felt in so many ways. and as if that weren't enough, last Friday, I received amazing news in the morning and realized, truly, the Lord cannot be outdone in generosity.

My 2013 looks promising. I've four trips scheduled, Mama's coming home this April, Papa in December, and I finally have leaves from work. The Big Boss has predicted that while 2012 was a tough year for business, 2013 is supposed to be the year of recovery. So if my 2012 already knocked off my socks, I can't imagine how much more wonderful 2013 will be!

Thank you Lord, family, and friends for being with me on my 2012 journey. Here's to more blessings in 2013!!!



2 said hello!:

commuter said...

so happy for you...yes, 2012 was a good year for blessed and continue to be a blessing to others...

roxy said...

and for you as well, KR :) here's to a bigger, better, brighter 2013 for us all!

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