Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a perverse fascination

i don't know about you, but for some reason, i've always been fascinated figuring out what people carried in their bags. so it shouldn't come as a wonder that i not only go through most of the pictures here but that i also google "what's in my bag" once in a while to find more pictures.

so, when a friend mentioned how it's weird that a tv show has for one of its features stuff inside celebrities' bags, i just shut up and made a mental note to watch said tv show.

the thing though is that save for having had my bag featured once by a bunch of students in the school's magazine, i've never really bothered taking a picture of what i had inside my bag. i don't think i've even really bothered taking stock of what's inside my bag to begin with. in fact the only time i bother with its contents is if i'm searching for something and realize that (1) i left it in my previous bag (2) i left it on my desk at work (this usually happens to my wallet which i usually stash on the out tray after lunch) or (3) i have no idea where it is.

but seriously, i guess the reason why some of us like to virtually peek into people's bags is that we feel it gives us a tiny glimpse of their souls, or their lives, or of their hearts. it's pretty much like reading another person's blog. it doesn't matter whether you know them or not. sometimes, it doesn't even matter if you can relate to it or not. the anonymity coupled with the sincere and honest outpouring of emotions (or, in the case of bag voyeurism, the contents of one's bag), makes for an afternoon of reading, understanding, and the most important of them all, of relating.

me, i miss writing. i miss being able to pour my heart out on these pages. i miss writing about ups and downs. i miss the friends i made on this blog. i miss reading online friends' blogs. i know that more than ever, a lot of people blog now than they did seven years ago when i first started out, but somehow, it's not the same friends i made then. plus, there's so much more avenues for writing now - twitter, for one - that rare do you find a post that moves your heart and soul the way blog posts did then.

or it could just be i was in my twenties then, and so were my online friends, and we were all so full of angst that all we could do was write and write and write. and now they've all moved on to real lives filled with meetings and careers and what not, and i'm still here, trying to deal with the very reason why i started writing in the first place.

p.s. and yes, that's a jollibee tuna pie inside my bag.

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