Monday, April 26, 2010

the heat, the heat

after i finished my lecture saturday afternoon at around 5pm, i realized it was still too hot out to drive so i stuck around my office playing a game. when it got too hot in the office - no aircon on weekends - i said, okay it's time to head home. but since i was intent on spending sunday at home and all i had in my ref was iced tea, i decided a trip to phase 1 was in order.

first stop was robinsons in bf. i love the fact that it has lighted parking, not too many parking boys "fake guiding" you into a slot, and that its food court has free wifi that actually works (for some reason, i've never been able to access wifi in any robinson's mall. boo.) i avoided the appliance center like the plague (no more impulse purchases beyond 500pesos!) and checked out whether there's new stuff over that the toy and bag sale (i'm doing my christmas shopping early!). and it since it was still a bit early, i hied of to the main reason why i was in the area: dvd shopping in ruins.

oh, it was love. my old suki apparently went back to mindanao (according the guy who used to pinch hit for her) and the store is no longer there (the stall is now selling fake handbags) so i scoured the place for a nice looking tindera who wasn't shouting at me (and the entire universe) to buy dvds from her. when i found one, i started my search for stuff that would keep me company the rest of the weekend. a couple of hundred bucks later (and half an hour recalling what stuff i had and stuff i didn't have yet) i went home with iron chef america (i didn't know they had this on dvd), project runway, big bang theory season 3, grey's anatomy, avatar, sherlock holmes, and it's complicated.

having gotten my stash, i went back to robinson's to grab a quick dinner, a whole lot of snacks for my dvd marathon, and rushed home. my weekend in bed was about to begin.

except that i ended up falling asleep. i guess i was THAT tired.

and while i woke up early the following morning, i kept falling back to sleep.

and when i finally woke up, boo, it was too hot to spend the entire day at home. i had just gotten the meralco bill the night before and no way was i going to spend any more money than i have to on electric bills.

so i had to come up with a list of things to do to "make palamig"

1. i went to the parlor to get my roots done.
2. i went to another place to get a facial.
3. i went to another parlor to get my nails done.
4. when a friend texted about a play at Insular Life being done by the people from theater down south, i immediately said yes without even asking about the ticket price. culture + aircon = winner.
5. we ate at charbroiled burgers.
6. we went to mass and made sure we sat where the electric fan was on full blast and where there was not a whole lot of people. strategy, people, strategy.
7. we went to get a couple of drinks where we made sure to sit where the fans where and, surprise, surprise, where there was not a whole lot of people.

it was 10pm when i got home, and the house, after an entire day of pretending to be an oven, had sufficiently cooled down.

so, so much for my dvd marathon. so much for my weekend in bed. right now, it feels like i haven't gotten as much rest as i would've wanted from my weekend, but phooey, i know for a fact that if i did stay at home, i would've melted beyond recognition.

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