Monday, July 27, 2009

mr. quickie, you disappoint me.

you know how its like - the moment the heel of your shoe gets pudpod or the strap of your bag breaks, you make a mad dash for mr. quickie and they, as the name implies, quickly fix up the broken thing to make it good as new. and so, when something went wrong with my mom's woven bag after two uses, she thought of sending it to me through the balikbayan box, saying "i love the bag but it's going to get destroyed unless something is done with it. services are too expensive here, you ought to bring it to mr. quickie instead."

and so i did.

you know what they said? they can't do anything about it. they don't have the machine that could reinforce the ring.

oh no, that's not what i want you to do, i told the girl. i explained how i'd want them to sew around the ring to reinforce the weaves and that maybe they can put a nice patch or something in the area. she shook her head and gestured to the repairman. i again explained to him what i wanted done and he too said it was impossible.

i went home disappointed. then i channeled my inner mcgyver-slash-martha stewart, got out my sewing kit, and began manually doing repairs on my bag.

it took an episode and a half of csi but i think it's all fixed now. tomorrow, i test run the bag :)

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Anonymous said...

I think they're loosing the essence of what the company was built from. I had a shoe problem which and i had it brought to mr quikie thinking that i could get it within the same day, only to find out that it takes them a day to repair a single heel sole (stilleto). A disappointment indeed.

Badet said...

Their customer service sucks. I went to their SM North Edsa branch to have our samsonite camera bag repaired. Just replacing the zipper pulls because it's broken. After 1 hour, I returned to claim the bag, the lady handed it to me and upon checking, it wasn't even repaired. And the lady UNapologetically just pulled the camera bag away from me to give it back to the repairman. sheesh!

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