Wednesday, July 08, 2009

and so i'm back on blogger.

i guess the fact that a friend reminded me i haven't blogged in a while prompted this. i remember how i used to love writing here, how my writing muscles were flexed by the desire to put thoughts onto paper (or more appropriately, online). blogging took away the stress brought about by studying and working at the same time, the pain brought about by heartache, and the loneliness of being alone. let's just say blogging was my therapy. (aside from shoes, of course)

for a while, i poured my heart out on multiply. but then, i realized, while it was fun having people in your life just read updates from your site, it wasn't the same honesty that i had here. in blogger, i was, to a certain extent, anonymous. i shared my highs (passing the bar, winning my first case as a law intern, falling in love) as well as my lows (failing the bar when i first took it, frustrations with my job), barely holding back, knowing that not only was it cathartic for me, but that i could be me and no one from my "real world" would really know how it was like for me.

and so i'm back.

hello, blogger. hello, world.

2 said hello!:

It's me said...

glad you're back! yey!

d3nd3n said...

welcome back rosa, you've been missed :)

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