Thursday, September 18, 2008

moving out of my comfort zone

i love sm. i love sm malls (except mall of asia for some reason even i can't explain). i'm beyond happy that my daily commute involves a side trip to sm megamall almost every single working day.

save for their horrible labor policies, i love almost everything sm stands for: their tagline "we've got it all for you", the fact that almost everything is cheap, the fact that it's everywhere, and the fact that if you shop carefully and thoughtfully, you can actually make people think you spent a lot on your look.

sm = bliss.

but then i visited landmark at trinoma.

and there were clothes. a lot of clothes. a lot of affordable clothes. a lot of affordable clothes for work.

i must admit, my eyes popped. and my resolve to not buy for the meantime? flew out the window. landmark, at least last night, was shopping heaven.

of course, i'd want to give myself a major pat on the back for being able to walk out of landmark without a single plastic bag to my name. i saw a lot of clothes that i wanted, i fit a lot of them too, but i realized that with an hour to shop and with no real intention of buying equals purchases that i might end up regretting. on another day though, budget permitting, i will go there and shop my heart out. after all, everyone needs new clothes (and shoes. and bags.) once in a while.

p.s. lest you think i came out of the mall with absolutely nothing, well, i'm not that disciplined. when i got to tita celia's hotel room last tuesday night, i realized i had left the cardigan that was supposed to go with my dress for today at home so i set aside money to get something to go with the dress. after several stores and a thousand clothes racks later, i found this really nice white jacket/blazer with 3/4 sleeves on sale at bayo. perfect. i wasn't able to just buy something to go with the dress, it was something that's also court-appropriate for future hearings. yay me.

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