Friday, September 05, 2008

happy month-sary to me

i was so preoccupied yesterday with the hunt for a suit that had ABB not texted me, i would've totally forgotten that yesterday marked my first month as a law firm slave.

again, one of the partners caught me by surprise when she popped into my office yesterday morning and casually asked me to attend another hearing. with last week's suit still due for washing, i had no option but to make a beeline for the mall and buy something that's acceptable but cheap. thank god i was able to sneak out early which gave me an hour or so to scour the mall for something i can afford. and, wonder of wonders, i went home with a simple black suit that i could live with.

i know i complain incessantly about my wardrobe woes but here's a secret: i love the fact that notwithstanding my present state of poverty, i have an excuse to buy clothes

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