Monday, August 11, 2008

to think i thought one of my favorite colors was red

my first fino (a local leather goods brand i absolutely adore) bag was red. to this day, i still use it as much as i can.

i own a pair of deep red shoes with brown croc trim and kitten heels that i wear with alarming regularity. they're sort of my favorite but i try to restrain myself from wearing them too often lest they age prematurely. recently, i also bought a pair of red patent leather shoes to replace the one which had a lot of scratch marks.

i also have a pair of red rubber shoes that i love way too much to throw away, although i haven't worn them in a year, if not more.

so, clearly, i was well within my senses to have voted "red" when ate gracey asked what color our group would be wearing for the tuloy volunteers' anniversary last saturday.

until i took an actual look inside my closet and realized that i actually do not own a red shirt.

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