Friday, August 08, 2008

and it just keeps getting better!

the whole universe (and probably the world beyond) knows by now how i am loving my new life. i wake up at what was formerly the impossibly early 5:30, i don't mind staying until 6 (or later if need be), and lunch, while still exciting, isn't the highlight of my day anymore. commuting, while a major hassle, is a time for me to sleep and, don't laugh at this, contemplate on the meaning of life. and, the long walk (from edsa to tektite in the morning and tektite to starmall in the evening) is my concession to the fact that yes, i am fat, and that i need exercise.

anyway, on the same day they gifted (i say gifted cause really, isn't the fulfillment of a dream, albeit unintended, a gift no matter how you look at it?) me with my dream office, the receptionist inquired if i'd be free for dinner on thursday. now, i had tuloy tutorials (which i had already backed out of) and branch council meeting (the reason why i excused myself from tuloy tutorials) already scheduled for that day but (1) this is my new job and (2) can you actually say no to the source of your income no matter how busy you might be in your personal life?) but i said yes, i'm free. a couple of minutes later, she said that it's been set, they'll be hosting my welcome dinner with the partners and the other assoicates on that day.

wow. a welcome dinner. now, that's something i didn't expect. what i had expected - most of which were formed from the warnings of well-meaning friends - was that they'll put me in a room, dump stuff on me, and force me to forget that i had a life to begin with. so imagine that i had braced myself for that and what greets me is a dinner in my honor? fantabulous.

the dinner could've been basically at aysee's (you know that famous sisig place near ultra) for all i cared and i'd still be a happy cow. imagine my surprise when this information greeted me yesterday morning:

heat restaurant
edsa shangri-la hotel
7:00 p.m.

wow, right? when i passed the bar, my boss treated me and the other lawyers in the office to lunch at chocolate kiss. justice tagle treated me and a couple of my friends to lunch at emerald garden restaurant. my lola and tita celia sprung for lunch for me and my officemates at emerald garden again and for an informal dinner party at gerry's grill. tita mayu and tito lito took me out for dinner at italianni's. no one, however, took me for a fabulous dinner, in my honor, at one of manila's most famous buffets.

so, if i gush on and on about work and how much i'm loving it, you really should understand. at times i feel i'm way out of my league here but i'm happy, not to mention the fact that they make me happy, and i've no doubt it will keep getting better with each passing day.

p.s. it must be said that all these are made possible by one thing: god and his faithfulness. the day i passed my resumes, i heard mass at the greenbelt chapel and honostly confronted the lord with this message:

"god, ikaw na ang bahala sa application ko. you know how horrible i am at discernment so i'll need you to choose for me. please make sure na hindi ako masilaw sa pera because if one firm is offering a lot, i might not be able to stop myself from jumping at that chance. you know what i want and what i need right now so i'm letting you take charge of this."

that was a thursday. i received a text message from this firm on a tuesday, scheduled an interview for friday. the partner said the words i hate hearing - "we'll just call you."

since it would be manila day the following tuesday, i prayed real hard that they'll contact me for my second interview by monday but they didn't. i passed a whole lot of resumes on tuesday morning and planned on going to makati after lunch to pass some more. at around 1145, the firm called asking me if i could come in by 4. of course. right there and then, they offered me the job.

i told myself it was all too easy. so i said, okay lord, i'll wait till friday.

and i did. and no one called. so i accepted the job.

the monday after, people started calling.

the pay is horrible (for the millionth time, i know. sorry) and it entails longer working hours and the commute is taxing to my 31-year-old self. but five days into my new job and all my dreams seem to be coming true.

right now, i'm coming to terms with the fact that yes, god does answer prayers and when he wills it, it will be answered in the most specific way possible. not masilaw sa pera part included

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