Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a long, long time ago, back when i was still stuck in the rut known as working-my-butt-off-so-i-can-pay-for-law-school, i fell in major like with the coolest boy in school.

okay, my friends may disagree with me, but i must admit, he was.

i remember meeting him in one of my favorite classes, one i had to take without my block for some reason. there i was in the back row, stuck with the frat boys. i think i got stuck with the frat boys cause one of them happened to be my blockmate.

anyway, there was four of us in that table: me, the blockmate fratboy, the fratboy who had some of the girls swooning - and if rumors were to be believed, there was a teacher who was into him too - and the coolest boy in school. the coolest boy in school was seated the farthest, i'm not sure why now, but he'd be there, twice a week, arriving late almost always, but somehow getting all the answers right in his recitation.

then - god must've really loved me then - the blockmate fratboy went on loa and the hot fratboy stopped going to class and so it ended up being just me and the coolest boy in school in that row.

and, law school being law school, we sort of became friends cause what do you do when there's just two of you in a row and there's the impending fear of recitation every meeting. he'd coach me when my answers were being stupid and he'd recite using the notes on the margins of my photocopied cases. for some reason, even if he clearly hasn't read the case, he'd have a way better recitation than i would. he was crazy brilliant smart.

the semester ended too soon, and even if he became my classmate once or twice after that - corp and ipl i think - i never got to share the same row with him again.

the coolest boy in school is a lawyer now, and married with a kid. once every so often, i'd google him to find out how he is.

today, i did just that, stumbled onto his new blog, and read his archives from start to end.

and you know what? he's still the coolest boy in my book. given half the chance, notwithstanding all my faux sophistication, i'd probably fall in major like with him all over again.

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