Thursday, May 08, 2008

it's funny how years ago, when i first started blogging, every little thing that happened in my life was worth blogging about. i cursed the fact that i didn't have a camera phone or a digital camera cause i wanted pictures to go with my posts. it seemed like i had so many things to share with the universe, so many stories and opinions, and ideas that every morning, as i arrived at work, my fingers began itching to begin tapping out on the keyboard the stories that had been brewing in my head since the last time i had gone online.

fast forward to a little more than five years later and i find myself with very few stories to share. could it be that i had run out of steam? or could it be attributed to the fact that apparently, without law school, a boyfriend, my crazy roommate wilma, and students, there is nothing in my life worth writing about?

that, in my opinion, would be definitely one of the saddest things in the universe. because, come to think of it, so many things have happened: i got into a car accident which left spike's bumper with two major cracks, i've begun teaching a summer course in ua&p which will already end this coming saturday, the scheduled trip to mindoro was cancelled (and gay, smart girl that she is, used the money to instead buy this.), and a horrible date with a boy i never really wanted to go out with in the first place.

moving on, summer is nearly ending, and hopefully, so will the heatwave. there are no more trips to the beach to look forward to, save fpr the alnp-alabang outing. for now, trips to the mall should be kept at a minimum owing to my self-imposed saving spree. and absolutely no more dates with icky boys (paz has christened him teriyucky boy).

and, hopefully, more posts of increased substance, unlike this one.

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