Sunday, June 29, 2008

it's been a while, i know. and i have a hundred and one excuses, the biggest one is the embarassment of lugging around an external keyboard whenever i use mcdonald's free wi-fi.

why? well, it's because i think i have totally killed my keyboard.

moving on, things have been relatively fine: i got sick, i got better, pacquio won, and i'm totally addicted to heart's alone.

(that and tita turner's private dancer but that's a totally shameful admission.)

well, don't tell my boss cause i haven't told her yet, but i'll be moving on to a new job come august 4. it's farther, pays less, and totally back-breaking but i don't really care ... i'm actually counting the days (36 days) till that day arrives. i'll finally be working for a law firm! so, while the past year i've totally avoided using atty. before my name except when i'm dealing with difficult people, now i'll get to use it almost every single day! and finally, my lifetime ibp membership will pay off.



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