Wednesday, May 21, 2008

nothing to say except, thanks kikay!

last friday, i was stuck at work, basically overwhelmed at the sheer number of motions passed on to me by my boss for resolution, including a temporary restraining order that had to be resolved immediately. it was rainy, i was feeling quite sick and feverish, and wanted nothing more than to go to qc to pick up the bag and just bask in its presence. but, a job is a job and if i wanted to pay for the aforementioned bag, to work i must go, stomach flu notwithstanding.

and so i was there, plodding through the tro when the phone rang. it turned out to be gary - who, i might add, never calls. and he bore an invite - would i be interested in an overnight trip at sonya's garden, free of charge?

first thought: stupid question, of course yet.
second thought: if i said that, gary might be offended and might withdraw the invite.

and so, trying to keep my voice modulated (so as to hide super excitement), i said, ok, when will it be?

so, here i am now, back from the trip, all refreshed, invigorated, and happy.

thanks to kikay.

p.s. you may read all about the overnight at they might be posting the write-ups starting next week.

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