Friday, June 29, 2007

from the ultimate high that came from passing the bar almost three months ago, i've almost forgotten the fact that i'm actually a lawyer now. in fact, someone turned to me a couple of weeks back and said, "you're a lawyer, right?" and i almost said the line i've been saying for more than a year: "i took the bar but i'm still waiting for the results." that's when it hit me again: yup, i am a lawyer.

since i'm still doing exactly the same job at exactly the same place for exactly the same pay (they have yet to adjust my salary, hate the personnel department of the court of appeals, i swear), there's absolutely nothing that'll make me feel the immense shift that has just taken place. heck, i even sit at my old desk (lawyers usually stay in a separate room but i didn't move, go figure). given all of these things, i am slowly beginning to ache for a change, a major change.

it doesn't help that my batchmates keep emailing job offers at various law firms. so, while money has never (ok, fine, almost never) been my consideration at picking a job, now, the zeroes at the end of a salary quotation and the word "bonus" "17 months" and "allowance" have begun making my eyes as round as saucers and my mind mentally compute how these things will translate in terms of shoes and bags. and when they do complain about the long hours, the lack of a personal life, and the horrible experience of dealing with guilty clients, i'm thinking "imagine being bored, broke, and facing dusty rollos day in and day out."

clearly, i am so ready to make a change.

but then again, maybe not yet. right now, i am totally basking in the fact that i am still at home - and have yet to take a bath and prepare for work - at 8 am and totally not worried about being late for work. now, how many lawyer positions can give you that?

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