Wednesday, June 07, 2006

my week, the short cut version

after i posted last week, i drove to ortigas cause i was going to spend the next two nights with my aunt at crowne plaza. i totally love the "hotel" life, especially if it means enjoying the bathtub, shower until i wrinkle up, and having all the bacon i want at the breakfast buffet. it was also wonderful cause on thursday, we all had dinner our to celebrate tita celia's birthday and surprise, surprise: kit attended without flourshit.

i spent saturday with the people from lingkod working with kids from sigla. it was hot and humid but it was fun, especially when kids would hug you and ask you your name and all that. even if most of us were pretty much tired and dirty after everything, some of us went to festival to watch "failure to launch." note to self: men hate these types of movies. apparently, only boyfriends are equipped to watch chick flicks.

anyway, i've been pretty TIRED with everything that's been happening at work. i wish i could say that i'm way ahead with my review. unfortunately, my dreams of topping the bar may just end up that, a dream.


as long as i pass, it wouldn't really matter, right?

btw. pat called to tell me it's his birthday tomorrow. *cough*loser*cough*

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