Friday, June 16, 2006


it began with a text message. since i lost a whole lot of numbers when i switched phones, i thought it was someone whose number i didn't have. and so i asked, "sorry i don't have your number, who's this please?"

the person replied something like, "but i love you judith" so being the romantic i was, i spent another peso to inform the person that no, this isn't judith.

i thought that was the end of it.

but no.

every single day for the last week i've been receiving at least five phone calls from this number. sometimes the person would just laught incessantly, sometimes the person would drawl something unintelligible, sometimes, well, let's not discuss what the other person does sometimes. let's just say lewd is an understatement.

being the naive person i was - and a firm believer in customer service - i called sun cellular to inform them that one of their subscribers was harassing me on a daily basis. the operator informed me that they couldn't do anything about it but i can call NTC to complain.

and so i did.

and you know what they said? that unless the person was sending me lewd text messages, they couldn't do anything about it.

wtf? does this mean a person can send a text message with something like "malaki ang titi ko" and that person would get a reprimand from the NTC but a person can breathe heavily on the phone and imply how much he's imagining sex with me and they WON'T do anything about it?

no, ma'am, the guy on the phone said, just text messages.

so what am i supposed to do, i asked the person, what's my remedy?

"palitan niyo na lang po number niyo ma'am."

so if you receive a text message from me sometime soon telling you i've changed my number, it means i've gotten tired of hearing heavy breathing. and if i don't, well, just don't take it to mean that i've begun enjoying it. maybe it just means that i've found some way to harass him back.

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