Tuesday, June 27, 2006

fueled by my desire to lose weight and grossed out by my massive image in my pretty pink gown, armed with the knowledge that skipping rope for ten minutes will burn as much as the calories burned running for half an hour, and challenged by my own goal of losing 30 pounds before the day i turn 30, i bought myself a jumping rope.

at first i wanted to get the one made by nike but considering that it costs almost a thousand pesos, i rationalized that so long as it, well, turns and forces me to jump up and down, it'll make me lose as much weight as, say, the 65-peso rope they were selling at sportshouse.

it's going to take a week or two before i can make a report about any progress i've made. but right now, all i can say is that after five minutes of skipping in my living room, i'm just about ready to die.

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