Monday, March 14, 2005

lightning round

too lazy to write a proper post, here's a lightning round for the day:

prayers for din's hubby, quito, on his operation today.

pat finally came through with a week-and-a-half delayed birthday cake. cake was yummy (this mango thing from conti's which has to be stored in the freezer). major problems still rocking our boat. crying though, during what would hopefully be my last set of finals ever, is not an option. our problems, big and small, would have to take a back seat first to THE most important thing in my life right now: finishing law school.

finally getting to spend some time with two very important people - my emperor's club friends (you know who you are). wednesday, don't be late. i hate waiting.

school visits will end soon, and so will the need to be at work at 5:30 in the morning. thank god for small miracles.

i've a five inch pile of papers waiting to be checked. why why why did i give out so many requirements?

i have now officially switched teams - sacramento kings - if only because of mike bibby. move over, sir charles. someone else has captured my heart.

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