Tuesday, March 29, 2005

happy easter everyone!

while the holy week vacation has allowed me to shelf all my pending tasks and concentrate on my two favorite tasks - eating and sleeping - it has likewise brought on an emotional roller coaster that i wish to never go through again.

so, with two examinations down and one more to go, a couple of requirements more in law school and a whole lot of praying that i don't flunk commercial law review, and after turning that boyfriend into an ex, here i am, refreshed for what april has to bring.

i promise myself no angst.
i promise myself no stupid haircuts which would just make things worse.
i promise myself no stupid text messages sent in the middle of the night after crying my heart out.
i promise myself no pigging out.
i promise myself never to go to work looking something like the cat dragged in.

as one sorority has posted all over law school, grace under pressure.

and i will be grace under pressure. who knows? after all, i am so positively sure that THAT hunky cute bedimpled waiter at friday's was definitely checking me out. ;)

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