Tuesday, November 30, 2004

what do you do when you begin the weekend with a fight?

well, then you spend the rest of the weekend making up, of course!

two huge fights aside, the weekend was quite lovely, if wet. after a class on special issues in taxation (don't even begin to ask what that means) where i was called on to recite AGAIN, i began my weekend with a sidetrip to SM sucat where i unabashedly sashayed into my friendly neighborhood barber shop to get my nails done. took out food from kfc, checked my favorite carwash (full!), and then home until it was time to for pat to pick me up for our saturday evening date. we were all set to watch a movie at festival mall when he decided to wanted to check out if cafe adriatico was open already. nope, sorry, it's still just cafe breton, so we ended up checking out the bazaar at the car park beside st. jerome. a huge snowman, two sticks of barbecue, a corn dog, two cans of coke, and two cones of dirty ice cream later, we found ourselves waiting for the anticipated mass, checking out the gay couple in front of us and thinking how sweet and wonderful it is to hear mass with your loved one. a looooong mass later, we parked ourselves in outback where we were offered bread every five minutes (soup would've been nicer). from 9 to 10, we basically window-shopped as i tried (successfully) NOT to buy two books from powerbooks which i've been salivating over for the longest time but i know would prevent me from studying the next couple of days.

on sunday, my brother asked me if i wanted to go to southmall with him and his gf. i called pat to confirm he won't be free until much later, and so it wasn't long before i was the third wheel and my brother's girl was giving me the evil eye cause he was basically hanging out more with me than with her. again, i successfully resisted buying anything, including this lovely shrug which can be worn 12 different ways. since my brother's gf wanted to significantly add stamps to her starbucks card, she cajoled my brother into going all the way to ATC. there, pat met up with us and he took us to the cuenca bazaar where i finally emerged with something: a lovely pink suede bag for school.

monday was really wet, and while pat and i initially agreed on just hanging out at home and having food delivered, we were both experiencing cabin fever by 5 pm. with nothing to watch on television and the game cube proving to be not that much of a distraction, we then decided to go to price mart where all we got was a huge bag of cheetos and yakult, and have dinner at yellow cab.

see, there's no point at the end of this post, and the narration of how my weekend was sounds so much like my earlier posts where i did nothing but say what happened to my day. but what the heck, i had a lovely weekend. a fun weekend. a rocking weekend.

thanks to gat. andres bonifacio.

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