Friday, November 05, 2004

so i was having a couple of bad days in a row ...

i had a bad wednesday, which led me to blog about it thursday, except that after checking my spelling (i am a terrible speller), blogger decided to delete it which meant i was more pissed than ever.

come on, i (sorta) worked hard at writing that damn post.

so the "i'm having a bad day" became "i'm having two bad days in a row". Add to that two long meetings, one of which had the assistant dean asking me to take the minutes down, and an outfit i just put together cause there was absolutely nothing to wear in my closet, and you have one grumpy girl complaining, " i feel so pangit" (somehow, and i bet you'll agree with me, "ugly" just doesn't convey the same emotion as saying pangit).

since i didn't relish going home and sitting like a blob in front of the television and i didn't feel like staying at work a minute longer, i drove aimlessly until i found myself making the right turn to SM sucat. my feet took me from one floor to the next until i was standing in front of several parlors.

going straight was advertising x-tenso but i didn't feel like blowing my tuition money in exchange for beautiful, lovely hair, so it was a no-go. i could have gone to let's face it for a facial, but i didn't exactly relish any of my experiences there, or in any of those facial centers that have sprouted up like mushrooms either. david's and i haven't really been on the best of terms, with the exception of this girl who does their threading in festival so that wasn't an option either.

i was ready to give up on my quest for the ultimate parlor experience when i spotted a barbershop. yup, a barbershop. i peered through the windows and it seemed like EVERYONE was having quite a relaxing time. maybe a manicure and a pedicure, i thought, since it was one of those "full service salons". i inquired and they said, yes, they also cater to women.

i've always wondered about those lovely barber chairs and when i finally parked my ass in one, i realized why men kept their hair short: god, it was such a treat sitting in those ultra-luxe, ultra-comfortable chairs. if all my haircuts were to be in those lovely chairs that can do anything, i'd cut my hair every single week too.

wait, i'm digressing, as i always do.

anyway, as the lady was doing my pedicure, i couldn't help but glance at everyone else. everyone seemed like they were having the works done. there's this guy getting a massage, another one getting a facial, and yet another one getting his hair dyed. there was this lady having her foot scrubbed while here face was under this blue mask. and everyone - EVERYONE - was asleep!

i quickly inquired about prices, negotiated a bit, and it was not long before i was likewise having the works done on me.

three hours later, and a wallet significantly lighter, i emerged from the barbershop. my fingernails were lovely squovals and my toenails were painted a pretty shade of tan. my face was devoid of all the little black spots that no apricot scrub can wash away. my hair was shiny and bouncy (walang sabit!). and all the knots on my back were gone.

and what do you know. i didn't feel pangit. not one bit.

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