Tuesday, April 29, 2003

shallow stuff

ever been bothered by someone saying "twree" when what he meant was "three?" or what about "potograph" instead of "photograph?"

i remember having rejected a very nice suitor over the fact that he IMd me "are you board?"

shallow, really, but as i've always said, if i want to be a supreme court justice, shallow stuff such as these do count.

it has gotten me into trouble more than once, as i impose this standard even on my friends' prospective suitors. take lauren for instance. she was falling into major like with this very sweet guy, the type who'd give blue tulips and offer her an allowance should she decide to quit work (no, he wasn't a DOM). he was young (about my age, i think), established, had his own house, about to buy his own car, and had a very stable job. perfect on paper, if i may say so myself. one hitch though -- he pronounced that monstrosity of a mall as "migamol." that was enough for me to tell her "no, no, no, no, no." (incidentally, the guy did volunteer to do speechpower to cure the "problem" except that by then, my friend had found other faults that can't be cured by speechpower.)

anyway, every so often, when i feel quite alone and lonely, i begin to think that maybe i could still work things out with the ex. after all, he did look for a job and started saving just cause i mentioned once how these were important to me. but even at my loneliest, all it takes is him and me in a car and the song "absolutely" by nine days:

this is the story of a girl
who cried a river and drowned the whole world!
and while she looked so sad in potographs
i absolutely love her,
when she smiles

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