Sunday, April 13, 2003

if you've found me here, wow. welcome to my new life ... on-line at least.

* * *

i left the guy who loved me a lot by using the majorly overused line "can we be friends?"

i left him not cause i didn't love him. if it were all about love, then we'd be holding hands right now instead of me using up all this time online.

i left him cause i had more than enough issues. i left him cause i've ceased to be passionate about him. i left him cause although he treated me like the princess i was not, i didn't treat him like the prince he was.

i hope he finds someone who will love him as much as he loved me.

i hope that one day, i become the girl who deserves him.

* * *

it's scary moving on without him. but maybe i should go back to that checklist i made four years ago. when i find him or when he finds me, i hope that will be it. for now, i'm going to give this relationship thing a rest.

after all, wasn't it me who posted eons ago how anything less than mad passionate love is a waste of my time

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