Monday, February 15, 2010

purchasing power

sometimes, i hate it when i make extra money.

because, more often than not, the mere thought a money makes me want to shop (okay, i ALWAYS want to shop, but the urge just gets worse). and, usually, i actually DO shop. case in point: right before i left for bohol on that working trip, i sort of asked how much the compensation would be and right after the amount was mentioned, all hesitations in buying those aldo shoes on sale flew out the window. and, in a snap, i decided, why buy one when you can buy two?

of course you know what happened next.

sometimes, i hate it when i see those gorgeous, gigantic signs which tell me things are on sale. because, even with very little cash in my wallet, sale + ability to charge it to my bancnet ATM = guaranteed paper bag. case in point: this weekend, all those bright red signs saying things were 50% off at robinson's place manila meant i got to take home two gorgeous tops.

and let's not even get into surplus goodies. once in a while, you'll find a real gem in those places, like these two pairs of gorgeous jeans that fit like a dream. when i spot things such as those, i don't think anymore, i just buy, buy, buy.

has shopping become an addiction? am i, at the ripe old age of almost 33 spending more than what i should be? should i do a bo sanchez and save 40% of my income so i can retire peacefully by the time i reach 50?

i was computing the money i earned from my "sideline" and i realized, that, hey, yung pa-konti-konti pala na yun would've been enough for me to buy my dream television na pala. and where did i spend it on? (in case you don't know: shoes. and bags. and clothes.)

but then again, i almost always tell myself, i am single, and (still) young, and i have savings and investments. am i not allowed to enjoy my money too, as no one can really take her money to heaven?

aristotle's answer would be the golden mean - to enjoy and yet to save money. to enjoy the money so as not to make one a slave to her finances, and still to save, for that proverbial rainy day. and i agree. saving is good, i always tell annsley.

but it being el nino season and all, for now, i guess it wouldn't be so bad if i drop by my favorite store (ehem, sm!) before heading home to exercise my purchasing power a wee bit more :)

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