Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i'll take a john lloyd - bea movie over a john lloyd - sarah movie on any given day

first things first - i like sarah geronimo. heck, i think i must've even sang forever's not enough in my head and dedicated it to my crush once upon a time. i like how she's like a young sharon cuneta who, it must be said, is one of my ultimate idols. she's nice, she's talented, and she's done so much for someone so young.

that said, i can never go for the john lloyd - sarah tandem. it just feels so ... wrong. rain dance and power hug aside, it's so un-real, so pinapaasa lang ang madla na mangyayari ang mirakulo sa totoong buhay kind of tandem. i remember buying the dvd of their first movie together simply because my friends said it was a must watch. needless to say, i think i lent it or gave it away or just lost track of where it was after i first watched it. there were no fireworks, no sizzle, and walking-in-the-rain-in-luneta notwithstanding, no i'm-so-kilig-i-could-die-single moment.

now, a john lloyd bea movie, well, that's another thing entirely. because i LOVE john lloyd bea movies. i love how they look together. i love how they're perfect for each other. and, if i believed in reincarnation, pretty please make me bea alonzo and make *him* john lloyd cruz and i'll be in nirvana forever.

(let me say that it doesn't hurt that if you waited till the very end of the credits of one more chance, you'll see my name there.)

when we first got to bohol and i was waiting for the others to get ready, i turned on the television and saw that "now that i have you" was showing. gah! i was so excited that i almost said, go on without me, i've been around bohol before, i don't need to see it again, but i NEED to see this movie. of course, rationality prevailed and i left the movie (note to self: buy DVD) to go do the entire loboc-chocolate hills-bohol bee farm trip.

now, this post has no real point except to say that, guess what - there's another john lloyd bea movie out this coming week, and my friend vanessa is the writer once more and that IF YOU'RE AN HONEST TO GOODNESS FAN, you should watch. not once, not twice, but at least three times to make sure you absorb all the love out there :)

p.s. and if you must know, i am watching 3 times - premiere night, with college roommates on the 28th and on the eve of my birthday. =P

2 said hello!:

Popoy said...

wohooo!!! hello atty rosa. popoy here.

hindi ako mahilig sa Pinoy Movies. hindi ko alam kung bakit. LOL

roxy said...

hello, hello, mabuhay!

naku popoy, hindi mo pa lang napanuod ang tunay na kakilig-kilig na pinoy movie para magpalit ng isip mo, hahaha!

then again, i used to be a non-fan too, until john lloyd and bea came along. hahaha! fan girl.

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