Sunday, February 10, 2008

saturday, last week, my brother texted me saying that he'll be moving out of our home and transferring to the other house which we used to rent out but has remained vacant for more than a year now. at first, i was pissed as hell, to put it mildly. him moving out means me having to shell out twice as much as i am shelling out now to maintain the house.

but then after the initial burst of anger died down, i realized that it shouldn't be so bad. him moving out of the house translates to ME FINALLY HAVING A HOUSE I CAN CALL MY OWN.

okay, i know i shouldn't be getting ahead of myself here. after all, it's still going to be my parents' house and it still roughly means there'll be a hundred and one knick knacks i can't really dispose of (think betis-type couch i can't even sit on cause it's meant to be furniture on display or something like that). and, it also means that i'll have to maintain a three-bedroom house plus maid's room, plus living and dining rooms plus kitchen, plus garden, plus two-car garage without a maid. there is the possibility too that my brother would leave three-quarters of his junk at home while he lives in his "minimalist" house. bummer.

my aunt, god bless her, told me to insist nicely, but firmly, before anything else that MY BROTHER TAKES ALL OF HIS JUNK TO HIS NEW HOME. after all, if he's moving out, he should move EVERYTHING HE OWNS OUT WITH HIM. second, i should treat the brother-empty house as my home. my parents aren't around ... so, for all intents and purposes (and ma and pa, would you be kind enough to consider this as an advance on my legitime?) the house will be MY HOME. mine. mine. mine.

mine. i like, no, scratch that, i LOVE the sound of that.

earlier, i was at trinoma and i was actually looking at curtains, throw pillows, and new beddings. and yesterday, i trekked over to uratex to get myself a new mattress (well, i've been planning on that for the longest time, but still). what can i say? i am TERRIBLY excited and can't way to channel my inner rachel ashwell (of shabby chic fame).

my brother's targetting to move out by mid-feb (uhm, bro, that's next week already!), or end of feb at the latest. me - i can't wait.

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