Tuesday, January 15, 2008

it's like the entire universe has paired up ... and has forgotten all about me.

horrible, isn't it?

i guess it doesn't help that i could get really mean and cranky during 2am phone conversations. and that i've basically stopped, as they put it, "exposing myself to the options."

and i'm also thirty, and as my former roommate is fond of saying, my market value has significantly been dipping every year since i passed my 25th birthday.

an old friend by the name of mark used to tell me that there's nothing more attractive than a woman in her thirties who is single and loving it. well, mark, i wish i can say the same thing for myself. i'm in my thirties ... and that's just about it. it's not that i'm not loving my life now, believe me i wouldn't go back in time to shave off some years and not-so-fond memories (if only because it means taking the bar again to become the lawyer i am now), but there are just days when you wish you aren't the person you've become.

anyway, whenever i get myself in this kind of mood, i just think of all the blessings i've gotten the past year (and the year before that) and know in my heart that it couldn't have gotten any better than how i'm having it now.

i'm not making any sense, am i?

anyway, depression over being single aside, just want to share this lovely picture of last saturday's party. the five other people in the picture are five of the many reasons why my 2007 rocked and why, in spite of it all, i'm happy where i am at now.

and so, with this, i'm bidding you all happy new life, as the tuloy kids greeted me last thursday. it's not just the year that has changed; now, we've all yet another chance to make this life even better than before.

boyfriend, or no boyfriend.

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