Monday, February 11, 2008

my staple valentine

clearly, it was stupid of me to have worried not having a date this coming weekend. because whether or not we're dating (what seemed like ten million years ago) or just really good friends (which is what we have been since we've met and what we'll be now until forever), he'd somehow reserve valentine's day (or at least the saturday after)for me.

so, when i was in a bunch last saturday night, remembering how last year i actually went out on a non-date on valentine's day with the huge crush and feeling horrible knowing that huge crush is now ex-huge crush and that he has a girlfriend and that he will be going out with her and actually call it a date, my staple valentine sent me an SMS asking me if i were free on friday.

not till ten, i replied.

late dinner, he asked.

really late dinner, i texted back.

okay, he said.

so there.

i may be date-less, boyfriend-less, and prospect-less. but i've got my staple valentine, and in this world where a guy's attention span rivals that of a three year old, i'm pretty okay with him.

after all, we're not just celebrating valentine's, we're celebrating his birthday too.

happy birthday, my dear martian.

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trisha said...

staple date huh? and yeah, he is the sweetest guy on earth and a great friend too. :) i miss that guy too...actually i miss my best friend coz among his barkadas, including your dear bro...he was the one who showed me a little bit of respect and i appreciate that. :)

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