Sunday, September 16, 2007

with the exception of sharon cuneta, gary v, and the eraserheads, buffy, my ipod mini, is practically bereft of music by filipino artists. it's not that i've got anything against opm, in fact i used to imagine that the song "tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka" was specifically written for my and my then-crush, FC. but then since there were hardly any OPM cds at home and downloading them is more difficult than, say, downloading coldplay and guns & roses, buffy pretty much stayed 95% OPM-free.

then i saw yeng constantino's mtv of "time in" at myx and i read the lyrics. it was cute, it was perky, and, although i'm probably ten to twelve years older than her, i immediately resonated with the music.

here's the video. enjoy it as much as i did.

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