Tuesday, September 25, 2007

there is no way on earth i could have had a worse day than yesterday's fx driver

first, in an attempt to get through the bfrv/casimiro traffic, he counter-flowed and went into the oncoming lane. unfortunately got caught in the traffic light before being able to cross the intersection and before being able to squeeze the fx back into the proper lane. so we got caught by the las pinas police.

second, one of the passengers belatedly informed the driver that she wanted to get off at buendia. he berated the passenger for telling him only as we were about to go over the fly-over. since the passenger was no pushover, she engaged him in a verbal tussle which lasted until we got to the quirino traffic light. in the beginning, he attempted to remedy the situation by immediately moving to the right shoulder as soon as we got off the fly-over but the girl would have none of it. so, he offered to drop her off when the fx got to kalaw cor. taft avenue. he even offered her ten bucks so she can board an fx back to buendia. no can do, the girl argued. she wants enough money so she can take a cab (imagine!) back to buendia. by the time we got to quirino, the driver was ready to kick her out of the fx so he offered her what she paid him (PhP35) and demanded that she immediately disembark the fx. fine, she shouted back. unfortunately, the left side passenger door (where she was nearest) wouldn't open. it took so long (eventually the passengers in the middle row disembarked one by one in order to allow her to get off the fx and went back in one by one) that we got caught by manila traffic police.

that was the third strike.

by then, he didn't care what happened to him and his license. i think he must have left his license (or the receipt the las pinas police gave him for his license) with the manila police.

and so, from then on, i made a resolution: nothing could be worse than what happened to my fx driver. all that, in the course of an hour. he must've really gotten off the wrong side of the bed that morning.

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