Sunday, September 30, 2007

i just want to be REAL lawyer. the kind that goes to court. the kind that dresses up. the kind with a briefcase and meets with clients and actually gets to shout "i object!"

i love the court of appeals, don't get me wrong. it's just that i'm 30 and single. now, i think, is the perfect opportunity to immerse myself in a job that will eat up every single minute of my life. if i don't do this now, when will i take the hectic law firm life plunge?

now i'm in a fix. on an impulse, i applied for a law firm, went on the scheduled interview, and i actually got accepted. the compensation's pretty much the same i'm getting now but the experience that i'm bound to get from working there is the big come on. i WANT to take the job. but they want me to start by NOVEMBER. now THAT is going to be a problem.

i need to make a decision by monday. and now, my biggest fear is making the wrong decision.

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