Monday, February 21, 2005

when you're down to your last five hundred bucks and payday is five days away, any addiction to shoes is driven to the deepest recesses of your mind. you banish any desire to shop, program yourself to work-school-home mode, and focus on trivial pursuits to fill in that big void in your life.

but then, as smokers who have successfully quit will tell you, it is impossible to kill an addiction without replacing the addiction with something else.

unbelievable as this may be, i have found a suitable replacement: iced milo.

no, scratch that. even while the milo has yet to transform into icy slush goodness, i find myself telling the cafeteria girl that it does not matter- as long as the milo is cold, i'll take it.

so here i am, terribly addicted to iced milo. i have given up rice as much as i can to make way for the additional poundage that the chocolatey goodness is bound to bring and i've found myself forking over money every single day to the cafeteria which i hope to go out of business soon.

and, in the interest of milo, i've totally admitted to myself that the south beach diet would be something i will never be able to do.

one of these days, when we see each other, you'll probably be aghast at the fact that my shoes are scruffy and out of style, and that my bag totally does not match my outfit. don't be shocked though. as long as you see that tall glass of milo in my hands,everything is good.

incidentally, i've got this awful sore throat which prevents me from talking. maybe it's the milo, maybe not. however, i still plan to go to the cafeteria later and buy me a tall glass of milo slush.

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