Thursday, February 10, 2005

i'm in 5th year law school.

5th year law school means office of legal aid duties as practicum for an entire year.

office of legal aid as practicum means appearing in court sometimes in behalf of indigent clients.

last semester, i had to appear in behalf of a lady who wanted her marriage annulled. i had to do her direct examination, her formal offer of evidence, cite the other lawyer for contempt, and appear in her behalf during conciliation meetings regarding custody of her children.

today my phone rang. a sun number. most likely a student, i thought.

it wasn't. it was her, my former client. the decision came out.

she's officially single. it's as if she never got married at all. she can go out tonight, hook up with a guy, and decide to get married again.


thanks to me (and the other law interns who handled her case too but since it's my blog i can talk all about me all i want. selfish.)

my first win.

future atty. rosa's win-loss record? 1-0.

he he.

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