Sunday, October 31, 2004

while lounging in pajamas the entire day is the next best thing to lounging in your bathing suit by the beach, it has a major drawback: weight gain.

i've been plodding around the house in my pajamas for most of my semestral break. every so often i'd put myself in my binding office clothes to make an appearance in the office but my pajamas and i have been very good friends. i eat breakfast, watch all sorts of shows and their replays, cook lunch and dinner, and chat on the phone in my tank top and floral pajamas. it's great. it's liberating. it has come to the point that i've begun thinking of replacing all the waistbands of my pants with garters.

but then, last friday, i had to make an appearance at a party and since i didn't feel like going in my office clothes, i made a pit stop at home to change into jeans.

i tugged at them and pulled and plopped down on my bed so that i can zipper them up.

i was able to, but oooh-la-la ...

there's a huge roll of fat right above the waistband.

i swear. i had two cup a rolls of fat on my side. they actually seemed bigger than gwyneth's pre-baby boobs.

since that's pretty unacceptable. i peeled off my jeans before i fainted and tried on every pair in my closet.

i was not successful. they all cut off circulation.

maybe next week i'd find time to do the three-day diet and lose the promised ten pounds. maybe next week i'd put on my rubbershoes and begin doing my mtv exercise video which has helped me so many times in the past to get back into a respectable weight. maybe i'd cut back on rice and fried food which has been a staple for me and my brother. but for now, i'm back in my friendly pajamas. no pressure, no stress. just me and my fat roll happily chatting with my dad online.

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