Sunday, June 16, 2013

dreams do come true

a couple of years ago, 9 of my friends and i stayed at a "household". at that time, i'd been living alone for quite some time, so the exercise of learning more about housework was lost on me. but for some reason, they were quite surprised that i could cook, and if i may say so myself, i could cook well.

i guess it was cause i never cooked for myself, much less for them. little did they know that in the eyes of my brother's friends, i was quite the cooking diva when i was in high school. 

or was it more like a baking diva?

in any case, my cooking/baking diva self craved on of the most iconic things a self-proclaimed kitchen junkie would want to have the most: a kitchenaid stand mixer. and thanks to my mom, this dream came true.

 i had initially asked for a pink one, but because of special offers, sales, and what nots, my mom decided on getting me the classic red one. taking into account that i can't afford to replace the weird 80's green tile that adorn my kitchen, the classic red one was the best choice. it's so bright and such a major stand-out that you can virtually ignore the weird 80's green tile. hehehehe.

i had been hugging this box since it came, so i knew it was quite heavy. but i didn't really how immensely heavy it was until i had to pull it out of the box.

and here it is, in all of its shiny, bright red glory. doesn't it make you want to ignore the icky 80's green tile?

so far i've made chocolate chip mint cookies, chocolate chip walnut cookies, red velvet cupcakes, and fresh orange cupcakes. i'm excited to make more goodies. but more than that, i'm excited over the fact that even at this age, my mom can still make dreams come true.

p.s. happy father's day, papa! i love you.

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