Sunday, May 13, 2012

it is finished

i think it was july when a friend told me about the opening, and since i had just forwarded my resume to another company, it wasn't so complicated to forward my updated resume to him so he can forward it to his company's human resources department.  after two interviews, and a tension-filled wait, i got the call on 19 august 2011: they want me.

and god only knows how much i wanted them, hahaha.

in any case, the offer came with a benefits big and small. and from the very first benefit we availed of onwards, it felt like a wrangling shabu from an addict.  i sent bazillions of emails (which were punctuated by an "atty." every time i'd get really, really mad), and i spewed venom (only when necessary, giving birth to lines such as "saan nanggaling yung address na yan, sa imagination mo?"), and i whined incessantly to my boss (god bless her super kind soul) every time i had difficulty coordinating with everyone.

ironically, the "hardest fought" benefit ended up being the landline at home.

in any case, they finally installed it today. so i can finally say that all my benefits are "in place" and the human resources department can breathe a huge sigh of relief and say, "it is finished."

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