Thursday, January 05, 2012

well hello 2012, so nice to meet you

while it cannot be denied that i'm no photographer by any stretch of the word, the holidays were too overwhelming for me to put down in words. let's just say that it was fun, family is always more than fun to have around, it's great joy to witness two people in love with each other to finally tie the knot, and you never get too old for presents.

{dream come true, thanks to my brother}

{something that happens once in a blue moon}

{lola + the grandkids. only two missing!!!}

{these two made my childhood the best time of my life}

{going to work on the 26th was more than a major bummer}

{me and my look-alike aunt}

{family is love!}

{... and so is getting dolled up and enjoying good food with good friends}

{goodbye 2011!}

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