Sunday, January 08, 2012

happy wet sunday

This is Tita Nilda.

And no, she isn’t being carried away by the wind (although it was strong enough to do so!) She’s just cool enough to be the aunt who instructs you to take jumping shots of her notwithstanding the slick floor and the deep ravine behind her.

She’s also cool enough to get me these cool chuck taylors.

Yes, I’ll be 35 in less than two months. And today, I even surprised myself by telling my lola that I’ll pay for the crocs she wanted . But to my amazing aunts (Tita Celia + Tita Mayu included!), I’m still a kid who deserves presents every now and then. Lucky me. Very lucky me indeed.

At mass, the priest said that today marks the end of the Christmas season and until today, gifts could still be exchanged. Lucky me … the day I gave my Lola a pair of crocs sandals was the day I received my first chucks.

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Anonymous said...

Happy 2012 Rosa! you and my daughter have the same design of chucks. She got those last year, a gift from my husband actually but started using them only now. :) Anyway have a happy 2012! I have learned to Let Go and Let God... :) - trisha

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