Monday, October 06, 2008

when the going gets tough, you get tougher best friends

last week was a horrible week. so much so that a new friend actually expressed surprise when he asked how i was and my answer didn't begin with the word "horrible".

anyway, if one day out of the seven stood out, it would've been yesterday. what made it worse was the fact that i was actually expecting the day to be a good one. i woke up early, was pretty chirpy the entire morning, but when the day chose to blow up in my face, i was left with little energy to do anything else but sulk.

actually, sulk and watch "dear friend" but that's an entirely different matter altogether.

anyway, when i had somewhat regrouped (and apparently after sending 29 angry/sad/depressed/confused/tearful/complaining/whiny messages to one person), one guy friend suggested, "let's just meet up at festival and watch a movie." kaladkarin ever, i agreed.

we never got to watch that movie. i was hungry and so was he and we both agreed we wanted to devour a huge plate of ribs by ourselves so we ate at racks. another guy friend arrived and we decided, okay, it's time to remedy my problems the guy way. less talk, more grunting.

let's just say that while i love being with girlfriends in the midst of a tumultuous situation (especially since this would mean shopping, coffee, spa, and griping around a table while lambasting evil person who caused bad day), there are times when being one of the guys beats out retail therapy. last night was one of those nights.

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