Friday, October 10, 2008

one hundred things to be happy about

  1. two hundred bucks salary differential from when i was still at the court of appeals.
  2. an unplanned lunch with a good friend
  3. ... especially if good friend decides to order gambas which happens to be one of your ultimate favorites
  4. ... and decides, at the end of lunch, to pay for everything, including your meal!
  5. surprise checks which will allow you to buy yet another suit for work
  6. free tickets to west side story ... especially since every time you'd pass by the billboard at edsa you tell yourself that you'll find a way to watch it
  7. honorariums without withholding tax
  8. secrets :)
  9. being assigned to a case you secretly hoped you'd be assigned to
  10. sm megamall and everything that goes with it
  11. knowing you've passed by krispy kreme every single working day for the last two months and you've yet to yield to the temptation of buying half a dozen donuts for yourself
  12. having your own tiny little office where you can hide out
  13. finishing your first ever pleading as a lawyer ...
  14. ... and signing that pleading!
  15. having a tita mayu :) (everyone should have a cool aunt who feeds you like any mom would but shares your secrets like a good friend, supports your luho like a grandparent, and covers your back like a sibling)
  16. unlitxt80 ...
  17. ... and friends with globe phones :)
  18. waking up to a LOT of messages on your phone ...
  19. ... and answering them one by one.
  20. phone-oke with your best friend
  21. ... who doesn't mind if you have your own version of "narda"
  22. theme songs :)
  23. rainy days
  24. trying on jeans you haven't worn in a while cause they've gotten a bit tight and realizing that they now fit way better than they did a couple of months ago
  25. benny, benny, benny
  26. free tissue at work!
  27. clothes you like at 70% off
  28. lunch at o'boy (4th floor West Tower, PSE Centre)
  29. not caring how much gas costs and bringing car to work to make the commute easier
  30. the kids at tuloy sa don bosco
  31. special mention: christian caroro (i swear it's wrong but he's really my ultra favorite kid!)
  32. mass with lingkod people ... ibang level yung high.
  33. rltc '08
  34. new friends
  35. saturday nights with the girls
  36. explaining something then seeing that exact moment that the other person gets exactly what you're trying to say
  37. no saturday work
  38. the lovely new buses that ply the mia route :)
  39. P55 shuttle to atc - makes having relationships at alabang easy!
  40. cheap stuff at sm
  41. cheap stuff anywhere!
  42. 12 noon or 8pm mass at PCJ
  43. thursday kaberks
  44. jojet (my tuloy kid) memorizing the multiplication table
  45. junjun (my other tuloy kid) breaking into a big smile upon realizing that i wasn't absent and would be there to tutor him
  46. friends who don't mind taking me home
  47. jollibee spaghetti
  48. mcdo drive thru
  49. sarsi light
  50. vacation at cabanatuan
  51. removing something from your to-do list
  52. my work :)
  53. that feeling after a confession
  54. bacon, bacon, and more bacon
  55. creative ideas
  56. when it's raining and you're at home with absolutely nothing to do except watch dvds
  57. long, long phone conversations late into the night and ending the wee hours of the morning
  58. long, long conversations ... standing in parking lot, then moving into the car, then realizing it's raining crazy outside already!
  59. cheetos twisted puffs
  60. gourmet tuyo
  61. champorado
  62. tuyo + champorado + bacon + fried rice = surprise send off party
  63. banners
  64. handwritten notes
  65. postcards :)
  66. post its in all shapes and sizes
  67. smileys
  68. YM conversations
  69. driving
  70. ruins @ bf
  71. hair that dries in place
  72. freshly sharpened pencils
  73. answered prayers
  74. sleeping
  75. deleting people who hurt you from your life
  76. balikbayan boxes
  77. mama and papa
  78. mama and papa finally buying a home
  79. the prospect of a US vacation
  80. fresh towels and sheets
  81. hotel rooms
  82. hotel buffet breakfasts
  83. paper -- all kinds of paper
  84. lovely planners
  85. colored pens
  86. the internet!
  87. pink hello kitty keyboard
  88. leaving your office dirty and coming back to find everything neatly piled on your desk
  89. new shoes
  90. resisting the urge to buy a bag
  91. matching luggage
  92. swivel chairs
  93. phones with lots of buttons
  94. parties!
  95. project runway
  96. reality tv (yes, i know, i watch crap on tv)
  97. pictures
  98. finding the perfect case to support an argument
  99. getting home after a long long long day at work
  100. you (and me) finally getting to the end of this list

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